Allen, Charlie M., Jr.
Anderson, James F.
Baggerly, Benjie
Bankston, Howell A.
Barnes, Harold R.
Baston, Charles
Bowen, George Mitchell
Bradley, Joseph D., III
Brantley, Jordan M. (Jerry)
Bruskie, Joseph (Sandy)
Carrol, John C.
Carr, Ronnie V.
Chancey, Tommy
Chew, Walter Scott 
Clark, Thomas D.
Cook, W. Robert (Bob)
Cowan, Ernest
Cullen, Hurley
Culpper, Robert
Dartez, James Lee
Dantzler, L. Keitt III
Doolittle, Steve
Doles, G.P. (Bonnie)
Dykes, Bobby Leon
English, Clifford, Jr.
Ethridge, Patrick C.
Evans, Tom
Faulk, Thomas H.
Garfield, Gary L.
Gill, Timothy E.
Gleaton, Larry W.
Grimes, Charles
Hardy,  Eugene (Gene)
Harrell, Ronald E.
Harwell, John R.
Hobby, Milton Duke
Hendley, Lamar (Stryker)
Hoffeditz, Tom S.
Holmes, W. Ronnie
Holmes, Semer (Skip)
Horne. Max J.
Holzclaw, Charles W.
Hooker, Charles
Howard, David B
Hubert, Danny Lee
Hunt, Leroy
Jones, Joseph N.

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Kidd, William W
Kite, Glenn P.
Lazenby, James
Levitt, William R, Jr
Linder, Eugene Currie
Mailey, Franklin Donald
Masicott, Earnest
McCrary, Donald H.
McDonald, Thomas
McLaughlin, Philip M, Jr.
Miller, Shawn M.
Mims, Roger
Mitchell, James R.
Modena, Jerry
Myers, Alan Jackson (Jack)
Olnick, Richard M.
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Porter, Tommy
Prince, James
Reinertsen, John C.
Saunders, Mike
Self, Stanley
Self, Tilman E., Sr.
Sheppard, Curtis Randall,  Sr.
Shirah, A.V., Jr.
Shockley, Davis J.
Smith, Cathey A.
Smith, E. Perry
Smith, R. Maxie
Solomon, Stewart
Steadman, Andrew J.
Stefano, Michael L.
Stringfellow, Gerald A.
Stuckey, Gene
Swords, Terry
Taylor, John Larry
Thomas, William
Tidwell, Coleman
Wade, Phelps
Walker, Wesley
Watson, Clifton Jerry
Webb, Richard C.
Wiggins, Earl D., Jr.
Wilder, Larry E.
Young, David W.
Arnold, Rebekah Wilson
Boyd, Joan Stevens
Barrett, Anne Ethridge
Branch, Ellen Busbee
Busbee, Jan Bass
Campbell, Brenda Hampton
Chanin, Valerie Hughes
Davis, Elaine Scharfman
Davis, Jan Wilson
Dodson, Virginia Ezell
Eichel, Muriel Torch
England, Joan Dukes
Gay, Shirley Byrd
Hildreth, Susan Kelly
Kitchens, Jean Hortman
Jones, Bunnie Price
Law, Sandra Johnson
Handley, Linda McGehee

Hughes, Mary Goss
Manning, Patricia
Martin, Janice Joiner
McAuley, Carla Daugherty
Meadows, Gail Durden
Moore, Madelaeine Calhoun
Moore, Partricia Bragg
Myers, Janie Patterson 
Pethal, Louisa Anne Whitley
Pippin, Shirley Towles
Kathleen McCallum Redding
Reed, Mary Trawick 
Roberson, Wynelle Stevens
Rubin, Barbara Haskins
Sharpe, Peggy
Surber, Ann Hutchings
Googler, Margelyn Thompson
Tucker, Gloria Faye
Webb, Judy Hunnicutt
Williams, Sophie Clark

To children dancing
And lovebirds soaring
From the nest to the moon.

To jasmine twining
And willows swaying
In the long summer sun.

In peaceful eyes of mothers
And faces of their babies
In contented sleep

In quiet nights of winter
And mornings of new flowers,
Dreaming of spring.

Andrea Alban Gosline
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In Memoriam
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Semer (Skip) Holmes passed away on October 28, 2007 at his home in Warner Robins. GA of unknown causes.
Louisa Anne Whitley Pethel died February 22, 2008 of Cancer.

Keitt Dantzler III was killed in a freak auto accident, Thursday March 27, 2008
Leroy (Butch) Hunt passed away on March 27, 2008 at his home in Perry, GA
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Tommy Chancey died in June, 2008 of cancer.

Madeleine Calhoun Moore Passed away November 10, 2009
Barbara Haskins Rubin died Oct. 4, 2009
Tommy Clark died in September, 2010
of a stroke.
Clayton Paul died of a brain tumor on June 27, 2012.
Tommie Eugene (Gene) Hardy passed away June 29, 2012
Janice Martin Joiner Passed away
November 30, 2012
Shirley Towles Pippin died November 25, 1910
Franklin Donald Mailey (Don) passed away June 5, 2012
Joan Stevens Boyd passed away September 22, 2013
Jan Wilson Davis passed away 
November 18, 2013
Kathleen McCallum  Redding passed away November 11, 2013
Mike Stefano passed away December 11, 2014
William (Bill) Levitt passed away Oct.
25, 2015
George Bowen passed away March 23,
Linda Handley McGehee died 9-25-17
Max J. Horne died April 2, 2018
W. Ronnie Holmes died Nov. 11, 2016
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Tilman E. Self Sr passed away Feb. 23, 2008.
David B, Howard died July 14, 2017